You Are Disrespecting Technology If You Are Using A Smart Phone Cover

You are disrespecting technology if you are using a smart phone cover. Shocked? Let me complete this article then it will easy to get it.

smart phone covers are bad

Using a mobile phone covers are very much popular these days. Cell phone cover making is a big industry now. Sometimes, the cell phone companies will give you the mobile cover within the box or sometime it is given as a combo offer. Either way, it is mandatory to use the mobile cover these days.

Mobile phone covers are not cheap these days. If you go for good quality iPhone cover, you might end up paying $50. These prices are insane and why exactly are we using these covers?

All these latest mobile phones are made up of strong materials and comes with gorilla glass, scratch resistance or scratch less, water proof, highly durable etc. etc. You will hear all big things during a new mobile phone launch.

Where am I going with this?

Well, personally, it is managing to see that the mobile companies are working hard and coming up with the latest technology to build awesome quality mobile phone which are capable to protect itself from dust, water, fall etc. These technologies are not cheap and it’s a billion-dollar investment. But at the same time, mobile covers are also getting popular and must have mobile accessory.

Either we don’t trust the latest technology these mobile companies are inventing or we just simply don’t care.

Companies are putting lot of efforts to make new mobile phones as slim as possible, but on the other hand people are using cover to make it thick and ugly again.

Companies are coming up with glossy finish, glass back cover and other enhancements to make new phones look attractive but these covers are ruining everything.


Do you see what I am trying to explain here?

Why it’s a concern?

It is understood, people are worried about their cell phone because the mobile phones are not cheap these days. But, why these phones are costly? It is costly because companies are putting lot of investment to come up with innovation and making new phones desirable, thin, glossy etc.

We are paying for this technology and if we don’t enjoy these innovations then it’s a waste of our money. Agree?

Let me put it in this way.. companies are making durable mobile phones and giving warranty as well. Unless we use without cover, how can we know whether companies are genuinely claiming the features of the product.

Sometime I wonder when the companies are giving cover along with the device. I am sure, sometime they are also not sure about the quality and they want the mobile owners to take of their mobile from outside danger. On the other side, we also don’t trust these smart phone quality and simply pay too much money in buying the latest technology. In other words, you are dis-respecting the technology if you are using the smart phone cover.

Why I wrote this article?

Personally, I don’t like mobile with cover. It steals the beauty of the mobile and stops to feel the efforts of the mobile companies. I agree, there are beautiful covers are out there which helps to customize the look and feel over the time. If you are considering mobile covers for changing the look and feel, then it’s understood. But, if you are doing because you are scared about the device and think it’s must for all mobile, then you are fooling yourself. It doesn’t make sense in buying costly mobile phone and wrapping with Band-Aid.

I always wondered whenever I saw people using high end phones with double sized mobile cover therefore decided to write a short article and find out whether am I right or wrong? Plus, this is my personal view on this and you may have different view.

Let me know what you think about using bulky mobile cover on smart phones even though they are strong, robust, waterproof/resistance, dustproof/resistance, scratchproof/resistance, durable etc. Again, using the smart phone or mobile cover is personal choice and its non-of anyone’s business.

Share with your friends who uses and scared of using smart phones/mobile phones without cover and listen to their side of the story.

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