We do celebrate World Water Day but Do we really care about Water? – Be Serious and take action

World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd March. World Water Day is celebrated around the world with a variety of events. These can be educational, theatrical, musical or lobbying in nature. The day can also include campaigns to raise money for water projects. The first World Water Day, designated by the United Nations, was commemorated in 1993. Each year many countries celebrate World Water Day.

world water day

Water is an important part of life or we can say “it is a source of our lives and existence in this world” and we can’t live without it but still we hardly care when we waste water irrespective of any reasons. God has given river as one of the precious gifts with its veins spread all across the planet, nurtures life wherever it flows. Rivers are one of the key sources of fresh water for our living but the current situation of the freshwater resources available is very alarming for everyone.

Have a look at the some Most Polluted Rivers in the World:

Most Polluted Rivers in the World – Mississippi (United States of America)

Mississippi (United States of America)

Mississippi is one of the dirtiest rivers in the work located in the US More than 12.7 million pounds of poisonous chemicals such as PCB, mercury, fertilizers, sediments, etc. have been dumped into the Mississippi River in just one year. The toxin levels in the water make it dangerous not just to the marine animals but also to humans who consume it.

Most Polluted Rivers in the World – Buriganga (Bangladesh)

Buriganga (Bangladesh)

The Buriganga River has not only been the primary source of water for the people of Bangladesh but has also paved the way for trade since the 17th century. Shockingly, just the capital city of Dhaka tosses in 4,500 tons of solid waste into the Buriganga every day.

Most Polluted Rivers in the World – Niger(Nigeria)


Over 100 million people depend on it, in the densely populated Niger River Delta.  However, large petroleum operations since the 1950s, have polluted the river to critical levels, with oil and hydrocarbons. From just 1976 to 2001, there have been close to 7,000 oil spilling incidents, wherein most of the oil was not recovered.

Most Polluted Rivers in the World – Ganga (India)

Ganga (India)

The holiest river in India, the Ganga. Revered as “Ganga Mata”, also known as the most polluted river in India. The river as a divine mother helps sustain the life of almost half a billion people and has played a vital role in nurturing its most valued civilizations throughout history. The pollutants crowding this mighty river varies from industrial, chemical and sewage waste to soap from washing clothes and bathing, religious offerings, even dead bodies! Over 1.2 billion pounds of plastic is unashamedly discarded into it every year.

Most Polluted Rivers in the World – Marilao (Philippines)

Marilao (Philippines)

Millions of Philippine people who depend on the Marilao River for drinking and farming activities are now at serious health risk due to the high level of pollution in the waters. Most of the pollutants entering the river are waste generated from tanneries, gold refineries, and household waste.

There are just five most populated rivers in the word, however, there are a lot more out there. Don’t you think we have become ignorant of this? Because of this increasing pollution rate of our rivers, the left freshwater resources are very less. We all need to carry the responsibility of preserving and saving water resource for our future generation. We might not be done knowingly, but somehow we are directly involved in water pollution and water wastage.

Government is giving approvals to the industrialists to put their factory dumb and waste water which contains deadly chemicals and poisonous material is very sad. We all should protest against it but at the same time, we should try our best to preserve natural resources.

Do you think about water when you take a bath, brush your teeth or use water in the toilet?

water waste

Do you think about water when you wash your car?

water waste in washing car

Do you think about water when you washcloths or dishes?

water waste

Do you think about water while using it for farming or gardening?

water waste in farming

Blaming others or government for water pollution or wastage is easy but don’t you think, if we all take responsibility for wisely using water resource then it could make the difference. Remember, you are wasting water because you got enough resource today but don’t forget the people dying because they are not getting enough to drink also. Today they might be dying but tomorrow it could be our turn, therefore wake up and take the responsibility.

What’s do you think and your view on the current situation of freshwater resources? Do you think only celebrating World Water Day on social media will help? Next time when we see water wastage, let’s act immediately and try our best to stop it. Feel free to highlight more water issues in the comment section for public awareness and education purpose. Do share the article with your friends and family if you liked it.

Save Water, Save World!

Thank you for reading and God bless you all.

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