Top dirty secrets of an IT/Software industries you may find shocking.

dirty secret of software industry
IT or Software industry is continuously growing and it is considered to be the glamorous industry with young, smart and hardworking people.  In this article, I have listed the top dirtiest secrets of the IT/Software industry. However, I would like to put a disclaimer that, these examples are not mandatory to be the case in all IT companies, however, these are common in most of the IT companies.

So, let’s get started with the top dirtiest secret of the IT or Software Industry:

  1. In the name of the best performer, you will be awarded more work and your precious family life will be ruined. It feels good when they nominate you for an award but in reality, it doesn’t help in salary increase in many cases. Your reward for good work is more work!
  2. Many people are with high stress/depression due to the pressure from higher management and destroying their health. You will find most of the mid-career people with a big belly with a lot of disease like blood pressure, sugar, etc.
  3. Most of the people lack interest in their work and are just working to pay their loan(s). They are running behind appraisals and begging for onsite (but do not want to take up the challenges for it) as too many people have purchased apartments and expensive cars that they cannot really afford.
  4. Politics is at everywhere and it’s at a higher peak if it includes salary hike, onsite or promotion.
  5. Blaming each other is very common and the person to blame in a project is decided by how big the problem is. For the minor issues, it will be the fresher or entry-level employee. A big goof up, expect the delivery head to sacrifice the project leader of the project manager. So, You have to stand up for yourself.
  6. Buttering does exist in this industry and it is much needed for the appraisals. You can clearly see many guys or girls boot licking their managers or leads by greeting all the time and bitching about other team members. The employee who is growing fast is busy spying on other employees and giving information to seniors so senior can control properly.
  7. Loyalty doesn’t pay and that senior, module leader, project leader, project manager, delivery head you are loyal to, they are just waiting to throw you to the wolves when the time comes.
  8. The industry is much favorable toward the females i.e. It is a big advantage if you are a girl and know, how to play your cards. You can flirt your way to the top. People might disagree however it is a fact.
  9. This industry is the biggest source of income for junk food and medical industry. Most people are busy trying to decrease stress by eating outside. On average, more than twice a week. Most common male problems – blood pressure, diabetes, neck and back problems, and infertility. There is a big increase in psychological and infertility problems in women.
  10. You are easily replaceable, after a 4-year degree or a post-graduate degree, the level of skill of most of the people is not very different from a commerce graduate who gets training.
  11. Communication and boot licking play a very important role in getting a promotion. People who can speak well are getting promoted rather than people who work well.
  12. If the employee is skilled but not very connected in the company then growth will be less. Skill is not very much rewarded.
  13. Only some people in sales and management team are very good in person and at their work also. Mostly management people are coming with some big management college name and are just trying to make next jump. They will not care very much how much bad effect their decision is having on the software team life.
  14. Recruiters ask for nonsense like 3 years experience for 2 years old technology. Candidate put more nonsense in a resume like 5 years experience for 2 years old technology.
  15. Most of the skilled programmers in India are quite smart and deliberately downgrade their productivity, they pretend that particular module they asked to code is not developed yet, and they are still working on it, but most of the time they just don’t want their PMs to know this so that they can enjoy playing some game or chitchat online.
  16. The appraisal process is crap and just for the sake of it, the company will praise and promote people who will give up their parents, children, etc. and are always roaming around in the company. Whatever big name and big awards for good culture are put in the reception area, it just shows business.
  17. People are very concern about technology in fact in IT industry anyone should not be bound with any technology.
  18. Most of the meetings are just time waste and many are conducted without any agenda.
  19. Mr. Kandula, CEO of Capgemini India, is right when he says 65% of people are not trainable. In fact, most of the IT guys in India are in the comfort zone. They are even afraid of changing the job even if they are capable.
  20. Most of the IT people do not understand the role and responsibilities of their designation. Most of the IT people would not be able to differentiate the responsibilities of Senior software engineer, system analyst, and Technical Architect.
  21. And the last item in my list is “Extra Marital Affairs” which is very common in this industry. Odd work timings, constant pressures, good money, travel opportunities, nuclear families are all reasons for this. Family time is getting screwed due to various reasons and it is very common in the most popular cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, and Delhi.

Let me know if you know some more secret of the IT industry, I would be glad to add to the article, please mention your experience in the comment section.

Thank you for reading and God bless you all.

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