Top 8 Key Difference Between Sleep and Awake Bruxism

Difference Between Awake and Sleep Bruxism

Difference between Sleep and Awake Bruxism, I know, many people have this question. Even I was curious to find the key difference between sleep and awake bruxim.

Before we go to difference between them, it is important to understand the Bruxism. I have explained the Bruxims and the impotant tips to avoid to overcome this medical condition.

Many of us might don’t about bruxism because it’s a rare and hardly discussed disorder. If you don’t know,

Bruxism is a condition in which a person grind, gnash his or her teeth or clench neck extensively. Bruxism is a common behaviour therefore many of us really don’t notice if someone is suffering from excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching or in some cases we ourselves.

There are mainly two types of bruxism i.e. nocturnal bruxism or night bruxism, which occurs during sleep and awake bruxism, which occurs when you are awake. So, if you have bruxism, you may unconsciously clench your teeth either when awake called awake bruxism or during the sleep called sleep bruxism or nocturnal bruxism.

There are many differences observed between the awake and sleep bruxism (nocturnal bruxism). Let’s find out the key difference between the awake and sleep bruxism.

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Following are the Key Difference Between Sleep and Awake Bruxism

Awake Bruxism Sleep Bruxism
What do I do in Bruxism? In Awake Bruxism, the teeth grinding has been observed and in a very rare situation, there would be jaw clenching could be seen. Sleep Bruxism involves extensive teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Sometimes it lasts throughout the night.
When it occurs? Awake bruxism starts during the morning and lasts until the night. Unlike Awake Bruxism, Sleep Bruxism starts when you are asleep and lasts until you wake up.
Pain Intensity You will not feel the pain in the morning but the situation worsens throughout the day. You may feel pain in your jaw or face cheek throughout the day. You will feel the pain when you wake up. There are high chances, you will wake up with painful jaw and neck. However, you will feel relaxed as time passes.
What about making teeth grinding noise? Teeth grinding notice may not be there in Awake Bruxism. People tend to make teeth grinding noise during sleep. Sometimes loud enough to wake up your partner. Your partner or family members surely can hear the grinding noise.
How it is linked to Gender?Females seem to be affected with Awake Bruxism and tend to grind their teeth during the day.On the other hand, male and females are equally affected by Sleep Bruxism.
Which Bruxism linked with the Stress?Awake Bruxism is caused by the overstress as per the research. However, it is not necessary.However, in the case of Sleep Bruxism, there is no clear evidence of the relationship with stress.
Is it hereditary?There is no evidence in the case of Awake Bruxism.However, there is some evidence seen for the Sleep Bruxism.
How common it is in the general public?As per the report, 22.1% – 31% of the general public is affected by the Awake Bruxism. Due to its common symptoms, most of us just know about it.As per the report, 9.7% to 15.9% of people have reported Sleep Bruxism. But, I trust numbers are still more. Night Bruxism occurs during the night and it is very difficult to be noticed by the patient or relatives.

Bruxism has become very common nowadays and due to its unclear symptoms, it gets unnoticed. However, it is very important to pay attention to its symptoms and take necessary action at earliest.

Bruxism does not cause harm all the times but extensive teeth grinding or jaw clenching sometime causes serious oral injuries. You can check out my article All You Need To Know About Bruxism to know more about the Bruxism and its causes. Also, I have listed 5 key tips to control the Bruxism.

Well, these are the common key difference between the Awake and Sleep Bruxism. Do let me know if you know some other difference apart from this in the comment section.

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