How To Verify WhatsApp Business Account?

How To Verify WhatsApp Business Account?

So, you have successfully installed and set your WhatsApp Business profile and now want to get Verified Badge for your business account? Well, most of the people are looking to get their WhatsApp business account verified and why not? The verified account looks more genuine and it helps to gain the customer or clients trust.

When a customer sees your WhatsApp Business account as Verified account, they tend to interact with confidence and chances are high that they will come back again and do business with you for a long time.

If you are into a business which sales goods or services then it is good to have Business Account verified to maximize the sales and have a loyal user base. So, what are the steps to verify the WhatsApp Business account? or whats is the WhatsApp Business verification process?

Ever since the WhatsApp Business has launched, people who own business are showing good interest and started exploring it. WhatsApp Business is one of the business tool offered by Facebook Inc. It is free to use and huge user-base makes it everyone’s first choice.

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In order to build confidence between customers and businessman, WhatsApp has started offering verified accounts like other popular social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Verified accounts on WhatsApp get a green badge with a tick right next to their contact name. This green tick indicates that the number is verified and it’s an official contact number of the business. Unfortunately, it is not for everyone as of now.

So, How to verify a WhatsApp Business account or What is the Whatsapp Business verification process?

Well, there is no direction from WhatsApp on how to verify the WhatsApp Business account. Currently, WhatsApp isn’t allowing everyone to jump on the verified bandwagon as it’s still on a pilot run and notable brands are receiving the green badge mostly. WhatsApp business verification is currently limited to a small number of businesses participating in a pilot program.

Sadly, you cannot request WhatsApp for reviewing your business account or send them documents that prove you are a business. It appears the company will do an automatic audit of all accounts that claim to be businesses. Once their investigation concludes that a particular account is a business account, the Verified Badge will appear automatically.

Obviously, if you are a normal user (without having any business) and has installed WhatsApp Business, then don’t expect to get the verification for your WhatsApp account. Verification method has been designed for the business and not for the individual user.

Why should one Verify WhatsApp Business account?

Verify your WhatsApp Business account if you want to show you business contact as the official to the potential customers or clients. People feel more comfortable and confident when they chat or contact with verified account i.e. account having an official or verified badge.

When we see a notification or message from some WhatsApp Business number which has a verified badge, we tend to interact more. Even though it is not mandatory to have verified badge before using the WhatsApp Business but it is good to have an official contact or verified business for a longer run in the business.


There is nothing you can do from side to get Verified Badge your WhatsApp Business account or to get the official green tickmark for your business number. WhatsApp follows a process to assess if a business can be confirmed or verified. There is no action you need to take to be considered for either account type. They will automatically review your business information on an ongoing basis

Note, For businesses that are using “official business account” with verification badge, changing their business name could result in you losing the verified status.

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