How the caste-based reservation could be a disaster for the country.

Reservation system in India

Indian caste reservation system and its history:

The reservation system was introduced in India to nourish the historical disadvantaged castes and tribes, listed as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SCs and STs) by the Government of India, also for those designated as Non-Creamy layer Other Backwards Classes (OBCs) and also the economically backward class.

Indian history tells us that, lower caste people were not treated equally by the higher caste people. They were not having access to the schools, temples and even seating in front of higher level people. Those were very bad days for the lower caste people and therefore, the reservation was introduced by the government of India to address the historical oppression, inequality, and discrimination faced by those communities and give this community a place in the society and thus improve their lives.

There were a lot of issues in India like untouchability, inequality, injustice, discrimination, underprivileged and many more for the backward caste and to enhance their social and educational status, the Indian government introduced the caste based reservation system.

Following is the current reservation ratio:

Schedule Caste: 15%; Schedule Tribe: 7.5%; Other Backward Caste: 27%

cast based reservation in India

The reservation percentage varies state to state, below is the snapshot of the same:
(Andhra Pradesh includes 33.335 reservation for women in government jobs)

state based cast based reservation in India

There is no reservation based on the religion in central level, however, the reservation has been extended to religious minorities in some states.

  • The Tamil Nadu government has allotted 3.5% of seats each to Muslims and Christians, thereby altering the OBC reservation to 23% from 30%.
  • The Government of Andhra Pradesh introduced a law enabling 4 percent reservations for Muslims in 2004.
  • Kerala Public Service Commission has a quota of 6% for Muslims.

How caste reservation is being used for political propaganda:

It all looks good and in favor of backward class people for their social and educational status growth. But, this reservation has been used as a very good tool by many politicians these days to lure backward or other schedule caste people and get their vote.

politician playing dirty cast based reservation game

We all have seen many dirty politics and it’s agenda with reservation as one of the key points to motive during the election times. Congress / Samajvadi Party tried to make Muslim quota of 20% which was turned down by the courts.

Now new emerging parties like AAP, TMC are further trying to divide the society by giving more and more benefits to Muslims to secure votes.

Time to time these politicians toss the reservation coin to win the election and people still supporting this political propaganda. It is a very sad reality of Indian politics. People vote for free stuff, reservation and religious promises then who offer country development which is good for the country’s future.

Caste reservation misuse:

The caste-based reservation has definitely helped the backward and scheduled caste/tribe people to grow and improve their social, education and financial status. But, we cannot deny accepting that, it is been misused by many people. People are even preferring to change their caste to backward class to utilize the benefits of caste-based reservation in government jobs and education.

I personally know many people who are the vastly rich and well-settled family with the parent working in higher government position but still using the reservation for getting government jobs or getting admission in government colleges.

The caste-based reservation was introduced to raise the social and educational status of the poor and discriminated backward communities but it is getting a mixed reaction in the modern generation. People belonging to communities who are not eligible for any reservation are feeling suppressed and resulting in strong protest to get a reservation for them also. Below are some recent unfortunate events happened seeking reservation for their caste;

  • The Reservation Riots by Jats was a series of violent protests in February 2016 by Jat people of North India, especially those in the state of Haryana, which “paralyzed the State for 10 days.”
  • Maratha demanding for reservation and had a violent protest in July 2018.
  • Marathas were declared a backward community following a long-standing demand.

Below is the image from the snap showing violent Jat protest for reservation. (image source: google image)

jat people fighting for quota

Caste reservation in Education’s impact on bright students and India’s growth:

Cast based reservation in education is helping the underprivileged students but it is also causing a problem for the talented students with general caste. I still remember my college’s admission cut off the mark. It was 94 for the general cast and 35 for ST caste.

Students are preferring foreign country for their future and ambition and not their own county due to this reservation in jobs which restrict them to join due to the caste-based reservation. Caste-based reservation in jobs, especially in the field on engineering, medical or management level position destroying the countries strength by not allowing bright students to join at right position.

cast based reservation in neet exam

Unfortunately, this reservation is in medical, education and other fields which carries a huge responsibility for societies growth. Below information, I found during my research on google.

neet cutoff 2018

What should be the ideal approach for reservation?

It is certainly true that the reservation policy as it exists today is deeply flawed and in need of radical rethinking. But this rethinking needs to be framed against the vital need — more urgent today than ever before — to confront the ugly reality of continuing caste discrimination, oppression, and exclusion all along the hierarchy.  And we must react to the misuse of reservation (as in the Jat case) as we would to malpractice in any other vital area of public policy.

Will India ever be a Reservation Free Country?

We need cast based reservation until the caste discrimination is there in society. However, our policies should not do any injustice to the deserving candidate from the unreserved caste and forcing them to find opportunity in any other country.

What’s your view on the current caste-based system in India? Do you support caste based reservation or family economical based reservation? Shout out loud in the comment section for further discussion, it would clear many doubts and help people to understand the scenario better.

Thank you for reading and God bless you all.

Disclaimer: I am not totally against the cast based reservation but against its continuous misuse by the undeserving candidates for the government jobs and education. It’s an injustice to a deserving candidate who belongs to the unserved caste.

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