How Shopping Malls Are Fooling You With The 100% Discount On Sale Promotion?

100% discount offer technique

A few days before, there was a crazy discount of 100% on sale was going on at the nearest malls (on the clothing only) and many of my friends went shopping. Next day, they were discussing, how they managed to get clothes at 100% off the price. Then, it started a debate on, how no business can offer 100% off on any of their products as it is nowhere profitable for them. Is Getting a huge discount like 50% or 70% or 100% Discount on shopping malls are really? What’s in there for them? Let’s find it out.

Bumper sale discount is very popular marketing tactics to lure customers to shop more. Especially, in the festival seasons or during big holiday seasons. All these discount shoot up due to various reasons, sometimes merchant wants to clear the old collections or just to promote their brands. On the other hands, people are crazy for such a discount, and they don’t look at their budget before shopping in these discounts or sale season.

There are many common occasions like Black Friday Sale where the bumper discount is announced across various brand outlets, malls or online stores. A discount like 10% — 50% are very common, but sometimes we get to see an insane sale discount like 50% — 70% off and sometimes they merchants get mad and announce discount like 100% off on across various categories of products.

People go crazy on these occasions and go out shopping with friends and feel very happy about their savings. But, do we really get the product that cheap? It is always questionable when they say it is available at 100% off the price. I mean, 100% off should be considered as free and there shouldn’t be any bill to be paid for such purchase.

Truth Behind Price Discount In Sale

  • Generally, these discounts are in one of these forms, i,e. Slashing the product price directly, buy and get free and sometimes, you get the free shopping vouchers or coupon for the next purchase from the same merchandise.
  • All these promotions are time bounded and have some kind of expiry. The shopping voucher received gets expired in a few months, and it must be used within a given timeframe.
  • Most of the times, these crazy discounts like 50% to 100% off on sale are on the outdated fashion clothes or merchant promotes it to clear their not-in-demand inventory.
  • Offering heavy discounts on products by the sellers are nothing but strategies and tactics to increase their sales without letting the customers know about it.
  • Often the vendors manipulate the product pricing during the sale to adjust their profit margin.
  • Most of the time, the sale or the discount will be on the selected category of the product only but will not be applicable to the new arrivals.

Is a 100% discount on sale really means 100% off on the sale?

No! Because when you go shopping in such sale, you will end up in getting gift vouchers or the coupons, which again could only be redeemed at the selected outlets of the merchants on the selected category of items. Also, it comes with the validity of 1 month to 3 months i.e. during their promotional period.

For example, When you spend $100 on clothing (denim and T-Shirts) in Ralph Lauren, you get the shopping voucher of $100 for your next purchase of denim and T-Shirts at Ralph Lauren. This shopping voucher must be used within a particular month. They promote this sale offer as a 100% off on the price but, in reality, you are paying $100 for the clothing of worth $200. Therefore, technically you are paying half of the total purchase and it could be considered as 50% off only on the price. On the other hand, if you forget redeeming the shopping voucher within a given time period then, you get no discount. Also, the same offer will not be applicable to you if you use the shopping voucher for the payment.

In nutshell, if I am getting 100% off on the price, then there should not be any bill to be paid for the shopping or at least those shopping vouchers should never get expired and applicable everywhere without any terms and conditions. If you read those lines called “terms and conditions” written along with the promotion offer with a very small font which is difficult to read by the common man, you come to know the whole game.

On the other hand, if you have a plan to buy more items in the same category of the product within the expiry of the shopping vouchers then the first purchase could be considered as 100% discount once you complete your second purchase.

Final Takeaway

Shopping offers are good, but we should not simply buy stuff unless we really need it. Fashion industry puts huge money to bring offers and promotion to attract more customers and market their brands. Sometimes they introduce clearance offers to clear their old stock and inventory. They are in the business to make money and no business offers any free stuff without any reasons. Remember, Cash and Shopping Vouchers are the two different things and you are eligible for the promotional or discount offer if you are paying in cash or credit card, but the same promotional offer will be eligible if you pay via shopping voucher. It is very difficult to control ourselves during these sale offers and most of the time we end up shopping stuff which we really don’t need. It’s a very smart strategy to force the customer to go shopping and spend money on stuff which the customer might not need.

I hope you liked this post. Many of you might agree with me and others might not. What’s your story? Have you ever fallen into this trap and end up shopping stuff which you never needed? Do let me know about how you feel about these crazy discount and sale offers in the comment section.

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