Darkest Secrets Of The Internet Nobody Wants You To Know | Buzzing Facts About Internet Addiction

Internet addiction among the people especially in youth and kids is an alarming and serious concern. Almost, every other person is somehow addicted to the internet due to various reasons. This article is about highlighting the darkest secret of the internet which you might or might not know.Darkest Secrets Of The Internet Nobody Wants You To Know

There Is No Privacy

Your every activity on the internet is being tracked, whether is it browsing interesting articles, online shopping or just watching the video or listening to songs. Whatever you are doing is being monitored by the big internet players like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, etc. they even track your movement activity with the help of a small handheld device called “smartphone”.

Generally, most of us don’t care about personal information being shared but think about someone knowing your every activity and movement. This information is being sold to big companies for various purpose. E-commerce giant like Amazone, eBay, Flipkart, and other sites are paying millions for user data to Google, Microsoft, Facebook.

It is also observed that Facebook and other apps (mobile or web) are listening to you or certain sounds around you through your phone’s mic even when you don’t use the app. This data then shared to the ad companies which generate money for the facebook. However, facebook as denied that, the facebook app is listening to your conversation.

Most of the times, this data is being used to sell the products which you searched or read about it. If you see the ads being shown while you browse on the internet, you will see a pattern.

So, if you are thinking, just because you are in your bedroom and nobody is watching or keeping an eye on you then you still don’t know about the internet.

Nothing Is Safe

If you are thinking that, you are safe on the internet by having up to date antivirus, then think twice. Nothing is safe on the internet, whatever you enter or share over the internet could be easily available to hackers if they wish to steal it.

Every day big companies and banks are putting millions of money to protect their data (which includes our personal information). Still we here news about hacker attach and stealing data from the bank and reputed companies.

There are places on the internet called “The Dark Web” for some of you like me this would be a completely new word and some would have already delved deep into this world. Here people are selling personal information which is enough to generate new credit card or some other official IDs. When it comes to the dark web then the matter gets serious, from child pornography to buying human flesh, from buying drugs to AK-47, everything is legal in the world of the dark web.

The most bizarre part of these websites is that they continuously change the IP address and hence, you cannot easily track them. The way these websites are constructed, it is easy for the person to monitor your every move so beware what you are looking for and where you are heading.

They can access your webcam without even letting you know. What if I tell you that,

  • A Medical record is sold for $50
  • $20-100 are being earned for selling a credit card information
  • Your Social security number is worth $1 on the dark web
  • Your bank account details can be sold for $1000
  • $50 are earned for 500,000 emails
  • Mobile malware is sold for $150
  • Commercial malware is sold for $2500

As mentioned on Wikipedia

It is estimated that in the first half of 2018 alone, about 4.5 billion records were exposed as a result of data breaches. In 2019, a collection of 2.7 billion identity records, consisting of 774 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords, was posted on the web for sale.

It Is Influencing People

Almost every other person is online and most of their time is being spent on the internet. People are always connected using a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. This attracts various groups of people to use a social media channel to influence people. Fake news or videos are very common and on the internet and it is very hard to find the real truth on the internet. Whether it is election seasons or religious groups, the internet has been used to influence people.

These technologies influence the brains of babies, toddlers, and teenagers who all seem to be well-connected to these technologies and possibly most vulnerable to their adverse effects. It is a sad truth that there is a lot of wrong information on the internet and anyone can post anything, and much of it is garbage.

It Is Making Us Addictive

Internet Addiction is the reality now and most of the psychiatrists have begun to study the subject of online addiction seriously. They have established specialized centers in this regard and have begun to educate people about the damage caused by the excessive use of the Internet.  Most people, upon being accused of Internet addiction, become defensive. They insist they need to be online for work, that they are socializing with loved ones, or that spending time reading online is the same as curling up with a good book. Online addiction can affect the brain in ways similar to some drugs. Internet addiction causing people problems with their interactions of friends and loved ones.

Adults who are addicted to the Internet are also likely to have depression, anxiety, alcohol problems, compulsive behaviors, sleep disorders, ADHD, anger issues, and/or dissociative experiences.

Scientists have divided online addiction into five main types:

1. Knowledge addiction:

It is the will of one to learn from the knowledge on the Internet and then to be dazzled by the huge amount of information. Which leads to the signing of many hours in the browsing and forget about the main things of life.

2. Cyber Relationships/ Online Dating:

where the individual begins to dispense with his life and his real relationships and entering the world of the Internet and the construction of electronic relationships.

3. Online Gaming:

It means that one plays electronic games excessively and neglect his basic duties in life as homework, and can also neglect his studies and work as well.

4. Financial Addiction:

It is a person to spend his money through the Internet in things not needed. Such as participation in the financial markets, auctions, gambling and so on.

5. Cybersexual Addiction:

It is a web browser to access pornographic sites and chat rooms. This may be due to an individual’s lack of emotional satisfaction or suffering from certain psychological problems and addiction may increase these problems.

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There is no doubt that the Internet is a very informative and useful tool in the modern world, but one should be careful and use with responsibility. If the internet is making us stupid, we have to figure out ways in which it can make us better and smarter. The mind-numbing amount of data is only going to increase exponentially, and humans will have to adapt. Every technology has both sides i.e. strength and weakness. Social interaction is much more needed to be able to tackle with online interaction and to be healthy.

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