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Google Is Reading Your Email Silently

There is no doubt that the internet is ruling the world now. Internet giant like Facebook and Google are making billions by allowing the user to use their service free of cost. There is no doubt that they are making money by running the ads and they have been collecting our data to offer the best suitable ads to us and selling it to e-commerce giants. Most of us do not even care about these companies being collecting our activity on the internet as long as their private information is safe.

google is stealing your data

These companies have said that they never read or steal information from our messages or the emails in many interviews. But, I still doubt their statement. Recently, I was checking my google account and was surprised to see all my online purchase listed with the item details. I had forgotten those purchase but the Google remembered it.

If you don’t trust me, then follow these simple steps and decide by yourself

Login to your Gmail account and click on the small circle on your top-right corner and click on the Google Accounts

google is stealing our data

You will be redirected to your Google Accounts page.

Now select Payment & subscription option as highlighted below

Google Payment and Subscription

Now you can see all your online purchase history including the flight tickets booking records. It has all key information like product name, price, delivery address and e-commerce website. I.e. everything Google needs to track your activity and your interest.

Now, you can see all the details just by clicking on Manage Purchase link as highlighted below.

Google Manage Purchase

To view detailed information, just click on any of the items from the list.

Google Purchase Details

Whoaa.. all the details are available.

I am not an internet genius but I simply cannot believe that, without reading through the email, it is possible to get all purchase information. These internet giants to monitoring our movements, our interest, our likes, and dislikes. However, Google is providing an option to delete your information from their database Remove Information From Google but I am not sure whether they are going to completely remove or not.

They say that they are protecting our privacy but somehow they have access to all of our information and no doubt they are making big money by selling it to the big e-commerce companies. If they can access the content of the email for our online purchase, then I believe they are seeing our email and message texts as well. Nothing seems to be hidden from these internet companies.

This is just for the information purpose. Let me know what you feel about it in the comment section.

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